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Designed and crafted by experts in Great Britain, Masuri Cricket Helmets are the favourite among professionals around the globe. Constantly reinventing their products to suit the needs of the modern player, Masuri continues to push boundaries, levelling up protection and performance with every helmet. From the popular Masuri Vision Series Helmets to the new E, T and C-Line range, all Masuri helmets are designed to withstand high impact hits, offering premium protection with a choice of steel or titanium grilles and a Masuri StemGuard for additional neck coverage.

Every season players’ have to decide what equipment they need to make a good showing on the pitch. It goes without saying that Masuri Helmets are some of the most beloved products in the game, with international and club level players alike touting the top performance and superb protection. Those who are fresh-faced and just starting out in the world of cricket need not look any further for a comprehensive history of the Masuri brand and their dedication to crafting quality cricket helmets:

The Legacy of Masuri Cricket Helmets

Established 1988 in Cape Town, South Africa, Masuri were the original innovators when it came to cricket helmets. Pioneers of the now commonly seen stainless steel grille, the popularity of these cricket helmets helped make Masuri a rousing success. With iconic cricketing figures including Geoff Marsh, David Boon and Dean Jones (winners of the Ashes series in 1989 with the England team), Masuri cricket helmets were the head armour of choice. Ever conscious of the need for a more lightweight cricket helmet that did not compromise on protection, the team at Masuri developed just that: a helmet that was comfortable to wear and provided unparalleled protection for the head. Soon Masuri had a string of big names flaunting their brand including Robin Smith, Michael Atherton and Brian Lara. The first cricket company to design a cricket helmet for Wicket Keepers, Masuri was also the first to produce a tri-layer compact shell.

Currently headquartered in the UK, Masuri pride themselves on staying ahead of the curve and at the frontline of protective cricket helmets. Throw in their dedication to freedom of movement and slim-line designs, there are no other cricket helmet makers like them anywhere in the world.

Innovative Technology in All Masuri Helmets

When the International Cricket Council (ICC) insisted on improvements to how cricket helmets were designed to ensure the safety of every player, Masuri stepped up and delivered the Vision Series Cricket Helmets in 2016 with cutting-edge technology that deflected high-speed balls away from the face, setting a new standard in Cricket helmet design. The original Masuri X-line Series Helmet included the patented Active Peak Technology (AP-Tech) and innovative Eye-Line Grille for added protection around the vulnerable areas of the face. The Eye-Line Grille was so impressive upon its release because of the clever design: it forced the ball, often travelling at speeds of 90mph+, upwards and in line with the solid section at the peak, shielding the player’s face and providing ultimate protection where you needed it most!

The AP-Tech was a true game changer, providing exceptional impact shock absorption from high-speed balls. The Masuri Vision Series Helmets boasted even more protective features including the Halo Reinforcement System (HRS), a double-strength rim inside each helmet. Incorporating the latest in reinforced plastic technology, Masuri Cricket Helmets protect even at speeds of 90mph+. A feature often overlooked by lesser brands, the Masuri X-Line Helmets introduced breathable technology to enhance wearability and comfort throughout play: industry-standard tri-layer protection with air-holes throughout the entire helmet.

Masuri Cricket Helmets Are the Best of the Best

Ask any Masuri loyalist and they will tell you that you do not need to look elsewhere for a cricket helmets because of the brand’s varied range. A brief guideline on some of the most popular can be found below with their specs and features:

Vision Series Elite Masuri Helmets

As the name suggests, the Elite Masuri Helmets were designed for players who push themselves to achieve the highest levels of precision and performance on the pitch. The Elite Masuri Helmets boast an impressive list of professional-level specs for the discerning player.

The Vision Series Elite Masuri Helmets Feature:

  • Elite performance head protection and luxury comfort thanks to a reinforced yet lightweight design.
  • Tactical placement of ventilation holes for exceptional breathability and comfort.
  • Halo Reinforcement System (HRS) with reinforced rim throughout the interior.
  • Unbeatable protection, visibility and airflow no matter what your style of play.
  • Enhanced face protection with a Carbon Steel Grille.


Vision Series Test Masuri Helmets

Allows players to perform at their very best time and time again with Masuri’s unique AirFlow ventilation system. Touted as one of the most comfortable Masuri Cricket Helmets on the market, the Test Series shields the head, face and neck from heavy impacts.

The Vision Series Test Masuri Helmets Feature:

  • Advanced protective material technology using optional Grade 5 Titanium or High-grade Stainless Steel.
  • Unique Masuri Air-Flow ventilation system inside and out.
  • A double-strength rim as part of the Halo Reinforcement System (HRS)
  • Reduction in movement between the titanium grille and peak to ensure no vulnerable area.


Vision Series Club Masuri Helmets

The quintessential range of Masuri helmets offering an affordable choice packed with Masuri’s bespoke protective features. Seasoned players and newbies to the game alike will find everything to love in the Masuri Club Helmet range.

The Vision Series Club Masuri Helmets Feature:

  • A toughened Carbon Steel Grille for superior protection during play.
  • A strong yet lightweight design for optimum comfort and head armour.
  • Improved vision and ultra-lightweight protection no matter how or where you play
  • Heightened comfort feel with every wear thanks to a streamlined Air-Flow ventilation system.
  • A toughened rim throughout with the Halo Reinforcement System (HRS)


The Masuri E-Line, T-Line and C-Line Series Helmets

Recent offerings in the Masuri range include the E-Line, T-Line and C-line Masuri helmets built on the high standards the team have set and delivered with previous lines.

T-Line Masuri Cricket Helmet

With a titanium steel grille plus a layer of tough shell protection, the T-Line Masuri Helmet boasts affordability and cloth-covered lightweight structure in the typical Masuri cricket helmet style.

T-Line Masuri Helmet Features:

  • Single shell protective casing
  • Optional Stainless Steel or Titanium Grille for front face protection
  • Cloth-covered for your protection and comfort
  • Affordable and lightweight


E-Line Masuri Cricket Helmet

Designed and made in the United Kingdom, the E-Line Masuri Cricket Helmet features optional titanium or steel Eye-Line Grille Technology for greater protection around the face. Affordable and lightweight in a traditional design familiar to most players, the Masuri E-Line Cricket Helmet is a cut above the rest.

E-Line Masuri Helmet Features include:

  • Single shell protective casing
  • Optional Stainless Steel or Titanium Grille for front face protection
  • Cloth-covered for your protection and comfort
  • Affordable and lightweight


C-Line Masuri Cricket Helmet

Crafted by British cricket experts, the C-Line Masuri Helmet provides armour that is both cost-effective and lightweight boasting a single layer of shell protection partially cloth-covered to shield vulnerable areas of the head.

C-Line Masuri Helmet Features include:

  • Single shell protective casing
  • Stainless Steel Grille for protection across the face
  • Affordable and lightweight


What’s the best Masuri Cricket Helmet for me?

With so many exceptional Masuri Cricket Helmets out there, it can be difficult to know which one is going to be the right one for you. With protection the essential factor in choosing a helmet, the fit, cost and features are other elements to be considered when purchasing. Depending on your budget and the level of cricket you play at, the choices are vast.

Other Alternatives

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