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Masuri T Line RH Batting Gloves - White/Navy/Yellow

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SA Price £68.00 Regular Price £85.00
With integrated Masuri applied technology including thumb claw and wrist bar, the Masuri T Line RH Batting Gloves - White/Navy/Yellow, is the smart choice in protective batting gloves.


The Masuri T Line Senior Batting Glove features a blend of graded Pro Foams that provide 30% more targeted impact absorption across the hand than commonly used foams in other brands. Soft and supple sheepskin on the palm plus an inner towel lining ensures lasting comfort and durability, with a hybrid split multi-flex design featuring all-new Masuri technology in a favoured sausage finger construction. A unique Thumb Claw with Pro Foam hook around the tip of the half-leather, half-mesh two-piece thumb provides ergonomic protection that doesn’t impede movement or grip. The breathable and double-sided reinforced Pro Foam Wrist Bar that protects the delicate radius and ulna bones in the wrist and is integrated into the wrist band further ensuring proper flexibility. Yet another reinforced Pro Foam Meta Shield shields the metacarpal knuckle and is seamlessly integrated into the Masuri T Line Senior Batting Glove to help improve grip.


  • PRO FOAMS - a combination of graded foams that increases impact absorption. Different combinations ensure the optimum balance of protection and flexibility in high risk impact areas. Independently proven to provide 30% more impact absorption than commonly used foams.
  • THUMB CLAW - a reinforced PRO FOAM that hooks around the tip of the thumb offering greater protection when impacted by the ball. Ergonomically designed to fit with the construction of the glove without compromising movement or grip on the bat.
  • WRIST BAR - a reinforced PRO FOAM that protects the radius and ulna bones in the wrist. Integrated into the existing wrist band of the glove ensuring that playing style is unaffected.
  • META SHIELD - a reinforced PRO FOAM providing targeted and increased protection of the metacarpal knuckle. Integrated within the glove (over the index finger of the bottom hand and little finger in the top hand) without impending grip.
  • Strong, durable and breathable sheepskin palm offering incredible grip and feel on the bat.
  • Breathable, double-sided elasticated wrist band offering comfortable and ergonomic fit to the player.
  • Designed by Masuri, THE cricket protection specialists and experts in impact absorbing technology.

More Information

More Information
Product NameMasuri T Line RH Batting Gloves - White/Navy/Yellow
Sub DepartmentBatting Gloves
SizeA RH


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