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Senior Cricket Bats

Make sure you have everything you need to score big runs at the crease, with our large selection of senior and men's cricket bats!

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  1. -25%
    Masuri TON E Line Pro Cricket Bat – Navy/Yellow/Chrome
    SA Price £750.00
  2. -25%
    Gray-Nicolls Legend Cricket Bat – Red/Black
    SA Price £750.00
  3. -20%
    New Balance TC Players Edition Cricket Bat - Silver/Red/Black
    SA Price £520.00
  4. -20%
    Masuri TON E Line Cricket Bat – Navy/Yellow/Chrome
    SA Price £480.00
  5. -25%
    Gunn & Moore Noir Original LE Cricket Bat – White/Black
    SA Price £455.00
  6. -25%
    Gunn & Moore Zelos Original LE Cricket Bat – White/Green
    SA Price £455.00
  7. -25%
    Gunn & Moore Icon Original LE Cricket Bat – White/White
    SA Price £455.00
  8. -30%
    Kookaburra Pro Kahuna Cricket Bat - Dark Green/Light Green
    SA Price £438.50
  9. -20%
    Gray-Nicolls Oblivion Stealth Pro Performance Cricket Bat – Black/Silver
    SA Price £400.00
  10. -20%
    Kookaburra Kahuna Cricket Bat 1.1 – White/Green
    SA Price £400.00
  11. -20%
    Adidas Incurza 1.0 Cricket Bat – Solar Red/Black
    SA Price £400.00
  12. -20%
    Adidas XT Grey 1.0 Cricket Bat –White/Grey
    SA Price £400.00
  13. -20%
    New Balance TC 1260 Cricket Bat - Silver/Red/Black
    SA Price £396.00
  14. -20%
    New Balance DC 1080 Cricket Bat - Blue/Black/Silver
    SA Price £396.00
  15. -20%
    Kookaburra Ghost 1.2 Cricket Bat – White/Silver
    SA Price £380.00
  16. -20%
    Masuri TON T Line Cricket Bat – Navy/Yellow/Chrome
    SA Price £360.00
  17. -20%
    Gunn & Moore Icon Original Cricket Bat – White/White
    SA Price £352.00
  18. -20%
    Gunn & Moore Noir Original Cricket Bat – White/Black
    SA Price £352.00
  19. -20%
    Gunn & Moore Zelos Original Cricket Bat – White/Green
    SA Price £352.00
  20. -20%
    Gunn & Moore Eclipse Original Cricket Bat – Black/Orange
    SA Price £352.00
  21. -20%
    Gunn & Moore Siren Original Cricket Bat – Blue/Pink
    SA Price £352.00
  22. -20%
    Gunn & Moore Diamond Original Cricket Bat – White/Blue
    SA Price £352.00
  23. -20%
    Kookaburra Kahuna Cricket Bat 2.1 – White/Green
    SA Price £320.00
  24. -20%
    Gray-Nicolls Powerbow Inferno Players Cricket Bat – Yellow/Red
    SA Price £320.00

Items 1-24 of 89

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What Exactly Are Senior Cricket Bats?


Our senior cricket bats fall into three different categories: Short Handle, Long Handle and Long Blade cricket bats.

Short Handle bats are the most popular and tend to suit players up to 6ft in height. The uniquely shaped Long Handle and Long Blade bats are often preferred for players 6ft and over. As the name suggests, Long Handle bats feature a longer handle than traditional sized bats but have the same length blade as Short Handle bats.

Senior cricket bats will also suit older junior players who have cut their teeth learning to play on smaller bat sizes such as the Harrow, but have out grown their current bat and might find the full-sized bats giving them more levarge.

With hundreds of designs available from big names in the industry, we’ve got bats ranging from professional standard Grade 1 cricket bats right through to Grade 4, as well as Junior models for younger players.


Find The Best Grade 1 Cricket Bats Right Here At Sports Avenue


Our dedicated team at Sports Avenue are here to provide expert advice on everything to do with cricket, especially when it comes to choosing your ideal cricket bat.

We have a huge selection ofsenior cricket bats from the very best brands in store right now, including Grade 1 cricket bats from the biggest cricket equipment specialists such as Gunn and Moore, Kookaburra, Gray Nicolls, Salix, New Balance and many more.

All bats are graded depending on the quality of the wood.


Grade 1 Cricket Bats

Crafted using only the finest hand-selected pieces of English willow. Typically used by professional cricketers, Grade 1 bats are the best you can get and features traight grains,with no knots or blemishes on the blade.


Grade 2 Cricket Bats

Also made from choice pieces of English willow, unbleached and featuring straight grains, but with some marks or blemishes in the wood. Great for players who have levelled up their skills but who don’t want the expense of a top-tier Grade 1 cricket bat.


Grade 3 Cricket Bats

Tend to be made from unbleached willow with fewer grains and occasional blemishes or discolouration in the wood. An excellent choice for players still learning the ropes but who want the feel of a good quality bat in their hands.


Grade 4 Cricket Bats

Usually bleached or covered in linin to hide darker cosmetic knots and other areas of discolouration. These areideal starter bats for energetic young players who just want to have a bit of fun.


Still not sure which cricket bat is right for you? Contact our friendly Sports Avenue team to learn more about how the size, shape, and weight of our senior cricket bats can affect your play style.