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Salix Cricket Bats

Elegant and sophisticated, the artisan Salix cricket bats 2021 collection combines years of finely tuned craftsmanship with expert cricket bat design.

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    Salix AJK Performance Cricket Bat
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    Salix Amp Select Cricket Bat
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    Salix Pod Alba Cricket Bat
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    Salix SLX Alba Cricket Bat
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4 Items

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Built from the Ground Up: A Brief History of Salix Cricket Bats


Younger than some of its competitors, the Salix Cricket Bat Company started life in 1990 with Andrew Kember, ex-apprentice at Newbery Cricket Bats. Since then, Salix has continued to grow, never compromising on their vision: to make exceptional, handmade English cricket bats to a high specification.

With limited resources available for advertising, Salix made a name for itself the best way possible: word of mouth. With elevated levels of professional British craftsmanship in every bat, and a policy to never mass-produce their products, demand for authentic Salix cricket bats intensifies each season.  

The Salix system is simple: use the best raw materials and pay attention to the details at every stage in the manufacturing process. This focus on turning raw materials into something utterly unique is what sets Salix cricket bats apart as the most desirable cricket bat brand in the world.


Artisan Designs for Professional Players: Salix Cricket Bats 2021


The experts at Salix know how to impress, and they have surpassed themselves with their Salix cricket bats 2021 collection.


Salix AJK Cricket Bats

Named after founder and master bat maker in his own right, Andrew J Kember, the Salix AJK cricket bat features a contemporary semi-flat pressed face with a deep bow for intense power. Individually pressed from cleft to bat in-house using CNC free processing methods, the AJK range of Salix cricket batsshows what exquisitely crafted bats should be like.

Crafted to have thick, flared edges, a large driving area,and a smooth angular toe finish off the sculpted profile with minimal concave sanding at the back, the AJK range of Salix cricket bats have been designed with skilled, adaptable players in mind. demonstrating why the team at Salix provide some of the highest quality bat making in the world.


Salix POD Cricket Bats

Iconic to Salix, the specifications and design of the Pod cricket bats have been refined each season since its initial launch over ten years ago. With a lavishly generous profile, perfect balance and an enviable performance in action, the Pod range of Salix cricket bats delivers a unique experience for even the most accomplished of players. Quality checked at every stage in Salix’s intensive bat making process, the Pod remains an impressive and understated design.

With a traditional face and a long, intense driving area with exaggerated edges, the Pod range of Salix cricket bats boasts a full sculpted back delivering optimum core strength and intense control. The combined elements result in a truly impressive playing surface with a featherlight pick up for superior manoeuvrability. The unique sanding method ensures that each angle is shaped to precise specifications for micro undulations in the wood. Salix themselves have compared their bats to art, calling them “more sculpture than carpentry” - you need only hold the Pod in your hands to understand.


Salix SLX Cricket Bats

Featuring the lowest driving area in the new range, the SLX range of Salix cricket bats are distinguishable by their extended low bows, ideal for dominant front-footed players. Hugely powerful yet comfortable to wield and control thanks to their well-balanced profiles and signature Salix pick up, the SLX line boasts chunky edges, powerful middles, and stylish silver embossed graphic decals to complete the classically understated Salix look.

A contemporary semi-flat pressed face and characteristic low bow make for some truly awesome displays of cricket prowess at the crease. The lightest bat in the 2021 collection, the SLX range of Salix cricket bats favours speed over bulk yet does not compromise on the ability to deliver powerful shots when in the right hands.


Very few sports equipment manufacturers could be called skilled artisans, but when you’re talking about the Salix Cricket Bat Company, the accolade is justified. Sought after by professionals, club players and collectors alike, the Salix cricket bats 2021 range is one of those rare collections that perfectly marry artistic detail and utility performance.