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Masuri Cricket Bats

A true meeting of minds, the Masuri Cricket Bats 2021 line is the result of an explosive collaboration with renowned bat makers, Sareen Sports.

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History in the Making: Masuri Cricket Bats


With a base in the UK, Masuri is quickly carving out a place for themselves in the cricket bat making industry - and the experts are only too happy to come along for the ride. In 2019, Masuri joined forces with the world’s largest bat makers, Sareen Sports, to create their first range of expertly crafted and designed E-Line, T-Line and C-Line bats. With over one hundred years of experience between the two giants, Masuri cricket bats are a firm favourite amongst club level and international players alike.


What’s New: The Masuri Cricket Bats 2021 Range


The fantastic Masuri Cricket bats range consists of the following:


E-Line Masuri Cricket Bats

Featuring vivid 3D and mirrored graphic stickers, the Masuri E-Line cricket bat is made from premium English Willow hand-selected by the team at Masuri and Sareen Sports. As the benchmark in the Masuri Cricket Bats 2021 range, you know when you step up to bat with the E-Line, you’re going for the win.

E-Line Masuri cricket bats in the 2021 range feature hand-selected wood from the top 2% of English Willow and every single bat is quality controlled by the experts at Sareen Sports and Masuri. With an oval-shaped handle for improved grip and mirrored and 3D sticker decals, the E-Line delivers style and flair, plus a stunning natural finish on the blade.


T-Line Masuri Cricket Bats

Masuri’s T-Line bats boast a natural blade finish and wood from the top 4.5% of English Willow available in the world.
Thanks to Sareen Sports and Masuri’s expert quality checks, the T-Line Masuri cricket bats feature wood selected from the top 4.5% of English Willow, expertly crafted into a traditional style bat with a mid-blade swell for all styles of play. A standout natural finish on the blade, the selection of mirror-finish and 3D graphic decal stickers complete the design specs, while the oval handle is comfortable to grip.


C-Line Masuri Cricket Bats

Hand-picked and expertly crafted using English Willow – the top 2% available anywhere in the world – Masuri’s C-Line cricket bats are the player’s choice when looking for affordability and performance.

Our C-Line Masuri cricket bats in the 2021 range feature hand-selected wood from the top 15% of premium English Willow, and the top 2% of available Willow worldwide. Quality controlled by the experts at Masuri and Sareen Sports the C-Line is comfortable to hold thanks to the oval-shaped handle, and supremely stylish thanks to the natural finish on the blade and sticker decals with mirrored and 3D graphics.


With endorsements from international cricket legends and club level players alike, it is clear to see that the combined power of Masuri and Sareen Sports is one to watch out for. Whatever your style of play there will be a cricket bat perfect for you in the brand-new Masuri Cricket Bats 2021 range, so find out more today at Sports Avenue.