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All Cricket Bats

Explore our massive range of cricket bats from the biggest brands in the game. Everything you need for scoring big runs...

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  1. -25%
    Masuri TON E Line Pro Cricket Bat – Navy/Yellow/Chrome
    SA Price £750.00
  2. -25%
    Gray-Nicolls Legend Cricket Bat – Red/Black
    SA Price £750.00
  3. -20%
    New Balance TC Players Edition Cricket Bat - Silver/Red/Black
    SA Price £520.00
  4. -20%
    Masuri TON E Line Cricket Bat – Navy/Yellow/Chrome
    SA Price £480.00
  5. -25%
    Gunn & Moore Noir Original LE Cricket Bat – White/Black
    SA Price £455.00
  6. -25%
    Gunn & Moore Zelos Original LE Cricket Bat – White/Green
    SA Price £455.00
  7. -25%
    Gunn & Moore Icon Original LE Cricket Bat – White/White
    SA Price £455.00
  8. -30%
    Kookaburra Pro Kahuna Cricket Bat - Dark Green/Light Green
    SA Price £438.50
  9. -20%
    Gray-Nicolls Oblivion Stealth Pro Performance Cricket Bat – Black/Silver
    SA Price £400.00
  10. -20%
    Kookaburra Kahuna Cricket Bat 1.1 – White/Green
    SA Price £400.00
  11. -20%
    Adidas Incurza 1.0 Cricket Bat – Solar Red/Black
    SA Price £400.00
  12. -20%
    Adidas XT Grey 1.0 Cricket Bat –White/Grey
    SA Price £400.00
  13. -20%
    New Balance TC 1260 Cricket Bat - Silver/Red/Black
    SA Price £396.00
  14. -20%
    New Balance DC 1080 Cricket Bat - Blue/Black/Silver
    SA Price £396.00
  15. -20%
    Kookaburra Ghost 1.2 Cricket Bat – White/Silver
    SA Price £380.00
  16. -20%
    Masuri TON T Line Cricket Bat – Navy/Yellow/Chrome
    SA Price £360.00
  17. -20%
    Gunn & Moore Icon Original Cricket Bat – White/White
    SA Price £352.00
  18. -20%
    Gunn & Moore Noir Original Cricket Bat – White/Black
    SA Price £352.00
  19. -20%
    Gunn & Moore Zelos Original Cricket Bat – White/Green
    SA Price £352.00
  20. -20%
    Gunn & Moore Eclipse Original Cricket Bat – Black/Orange
    SA Price £352.00
  21. -20%
    Gunn & Moore Siren Original Cricket Bat – Blue/Pink
    SA Price £352.00
  22. -20%
    Gunn & Moore Diamond Original Cricket Bat – White/Blue
    SA Price £352.00
  23. -20%
    Kookaburra Kahuna Cricket Bat 2.1 – White/Green
    SA Price £320.00
  24. -20%
    Gray-Nicolls Powerbow Inferno Players Cricket Bat – Yellow/Red
    SA Price £320.00

Items 1-24 of 166

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World-Class Quality: English Willow Cricket Bats


Cricket bats sale ability has increased over the years due to the growing popularity of the sport around the world. As a result, the standard of cricket bats has improved tenfold, with manufacturers actively sourcing the best cuts of wood for their bats.

Grade 1 English willow cricket bats are made from the best cuts of wood and are typically used by the professionals. With such high demand, premium cuts of willow are rare and more expensive, with demand occasionally outstripping supply.

Grades 2-3 also use genuine English willow, though these may feature differing levels of cosmetic blemishes or dark spots on the wood. Grade 4+ bats are sometimes made from other types of wood which are of a lesser quality than English willow cricket bats, but ideal for those just starting out.


Come See For Yourself: Browse Sports Avenue’s Virtual Cricket Bats Sales Room Today


At Sports Avenue, we have a broad selection of genuine English willow cricket bats from some of the most celebrated names in the industry.

Our brand new for 2020 ranges:


Adidas Cricket Bats

Brand new from sporting equipment powerhouse, Adidas, their new XT and Incurza ranges feature a selection of authentic English willow cricket bats from Grades 1-5.


Gunn and Moore Cricket Bats

Using the latest in design technology, Gunn and Moore bring over 125 years of experience into the hands of contemporary players. Shop their Siren, Diamond, Noir, Icon, and Eclipse range of cricket bats today.


Gray Nicolls Cricket Bats

The new range sees quality British manufacturers, Gray-Nicolls finest collection of English willow cricket bats including the Oblivion Stealth, the Powerbow Inferno, the Classic Prestige, and the Pro Performance.


Kookaburra Cricket Bats

Big hitters in the industry, we stock the brand-new Kahuna, Ghost, Pace, Shadow, and Concept 20 range of cricket bats featuring premium English willow.


Masuri Cricket Bats

Working with internationally renowned Sareen Sports, the team at Masuri has produced an astonishing collection of truly impressive English willow cricket bats for the new season.


New Balance Cricket Bats

Official sponsors of the England team, New Balance focused all their cricket knowledge into their new DC ‘Dynamic Cricketer’ 1080 and TC ‘Traditional Cricketer’ 1260 ranges.


Salix Cricket Bats

Known for their exquisite craftsmanship and finely-tuned eye for detail, Salix’s new POD, AJK and SLX lines are premium English willow cricket bats.


Spartan Cricket Bats

A flagship store in New Delhi saw Spartan cricket bats conquer the market with their range of Dream, Boss and Sikander cricket bats.


Great Value Every Time In Our Seasonal Cricket Bats Sale


Sports Avenue has you covered on an extensive array of big brand name cricket bats from suppliers from all over the globe. We’ve got the latest and greatest cricket bats from Gunn and Moore, Salix, Adidas, Gray-Nicolls, and Masuri to name a few, as well as our vast cricket bats sale at the end of every season. So, no matter what your level of expertise, we are on hand to help!