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Aero P2 Stripper Lower Body Protector RH – White/Orange

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SA Price £40.00 Regular Price £50.00
The AERO P2 Strippers RH – White/Orange, deliver the key performance elements of better protection, better comfort, better speed and better durability for all batsmen – in a unique and balanced way.


The P2 Strippers design is an integrated system which protects both the upper and lower thighs, around the inner groin, the hip bone as well as part of the buttocks. The Aero P2 Strippers are designed for those cricketers who play just below the elite level. For batsmen, this means coping with deliveries that leave the bowler's hand at up to 130 kph (80 mph). Whether at club or elite youth levels, fast bowlers thrive on putting fear and hints of self-doubt into the minds of the batsman. The P2 products are designed to give you confidence that when you take your guard, you can forget about your protection and set about dominating the bowlers. If you want superb protection and the confidence to be able to take on the best bowlers in your game, then Aero P2 Strippers are for you. SPECIFICATIONS: Natural movement and mobility 3D shaping Slim line profile Mobility slots for ease of movement when compressed (P1) Dual fitting straps allows multiple adjustments Easy to put on and take off quickly Integrity of the EVA foam and PE hi-impact plastic remains after repeated ball strikes Foam padding inserts can be removed and replaced if and when required A quick-dry polyester fabric used on the P2 Strippers is easy to wash and stops mould build-up from sweating or offseason storage Adjustable dual fitting waist strap ensures the lower body protector is correctly located during play. The central velcro strap is easy to access for minor adjustment 3D moulded hi-impact plastic & amp; laminated foam shaping facilitates a snug fit The wide strap also helps support the lower back Multiple layers of 10mm EVA 70 & 10mm EVA 30 foams. PE hi-impact plastics Extensive integrated coverage including both thighs and hip for ball speeds up to 130kph

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More Information
Product NameAero P2 Stripper Lower Body Protector RH – White/Orange
Sub DepartmentPersonal Protection


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